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As winter turns to spring, many of us are excited to renew one of our favourite pastimes – gardening. However, with gardening comes any number of pest control problems and pitfalls. Today, we’re going to take you through a few tips and tricks you can employ to keep your garden shed a pest-free zone this spring. No Standing water! Standing water, whether it’s leftover in a pail, at the bottom of an un-emptied watering bucket,
So, you got a cat, but your mice problem still hasn’t gone away! What gives? The truth is cats aren’t as good at catching rodents as we’ve come to believe. Granted, some cats are avid hunters who will snuff out a mouse in no time flat. Many others, however, simply aren’t that interested or aren’t able to fix the problem. And some problems are too great for even the best, most ferocious feline. Today, we’ve
It’s commonly understood that rodents like mice and rats often carry harmful diseases that could endanger humans. That’s why it’s so important rodent problems are dealt with right away. Even though most people know to be cautious of rodents because of the diseases they carry, not many people know which diseases rodents can expose us to. Today, for your information, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common diseases rodents can carry into
It’s fall, and the holiday season will soon be here.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are wonderful times to enjoy the warmth of the season, good friends and good food. But it’s not just your family and friends who look forward to enjoying your hospitality. There’s a long line of pests looking for an invitation to your home.  Undesirables like ants, mice and cockroaches will be drawn to your home if you don’t do a thorough after-party
It’s time to see the light when it comes to cleaning lighting fixtures hanging from your ceiling. Over time, those fixtures get dirty. They’re magnets for grime, dust, hair  – and bugs! Why are there bugs in my lights? Holes have to be drilled in your ceiling to accommodate wires when ceiling fixtures are installed. The holes are inviting entrances into your light fixtures for bugs.  Often, they make their way into the fixture and