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Bed Bug Myth

Through Target Pest Control’s bed bug Halifax experiences, we hear time and time again that bed bugs jump, hop, or fly.  This is a myth! Bed Bugs DO NOT hop, skip, or jump, and they definitely don’t fly. Bed bugs are very good at traveling in different ways. They can be very fast crawlers and hide unexpected places. Halifax bed bugs can survive a long time waiting for someone or something to come along so they can hitch a ride
Pests can create a lot of fear for Halifax homeowners and tenants. Many turn to the internet for answers. However, like all things, the internet can be misleading if the reader lacks the technical expertise to deal with the pests at hand. Target Pest Control of Halifax Nova Scotia, wanted to take this opportunity to discuss the top 2 myths that their expert technicians hear most often: 1. Chemicals available to homeowners and tenants kill
Ant Control
Halifax Carpenter Ants Can Be Trouble! Halifax carpenter ants are a hidden threat that arrive early. Target Pest is taking early action to eliminate these structurally damaging pests. Carpenter ants build nests inside wood by chewing out paths and tunnels with their mandibles, preferably in dead, damp wood.  However, they do not actually eat the wood, like termites would.  Tunneling through wooden areas of your home can create a great safety risk to you and