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Why a cat may not solve your mouse problem

December 8, 2018

So, you got a cat, but your mice problem still hasn’t gone away! What gives?

The truth is cats aren’t as good at catching rodents as we’ve come to believe.

Granted, some cats are avid hunters who will snuff out a mouse in no time flat. Many others, however, simply aren’t that interested or aren’t able to fix the problem.

And some problems are too great for even the best, most ferocious feline.

Today, we’ve compiled the top four reasons why your cat isn’t able to fix your mouse problem.

1) Some cats don’t like to hunt. 

People don’t like to be stereotyped – and neither do cats! Like humans, cats have varying personalities and interests. Some cats enjoy hunting and stalking mice, but others don’t care about them at all. Others can even be afraid of mice!

2) The mice may be out of reach.

When you have a mouse problem, they first thing you should do is go right to the source – the nest. The problem is mice often nest in small crawl spaces, within the walls or in the attic. That means no cat, no matter how ambitious, will be able to reach their prey.

3) Mice can carry harmful diseases and often transport other pests. 

It’s not uncommon for mice to carry ticks, fleas, parasites and diseases. Even if your cat is able to catch a mouse in or around your home, there’s a good bet you’ll be taking him to see a veterinarian before long. That can be expensive – plus it’s not very fun for that cat!

4) There’s too many of them.

Where there’s one mouse, there’s usually more. That’s because mice breed a lot – and rapidly. If left unchecked, a small mouse problem could become a large-scale infestation in no time. Your cat could be catching a mouse per day and still not put a dent in the problem.

Cats make great pets, but you shouldn’t rely on them for pest control. If you think you might have a rodent problem in your home, act quickly by calling a licensed pest control technician.

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