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Target Pest Control offers many different pest control services in Halifax and Nova Scotia.  With a name that customers across the province trust for their reliable service, we have a proven track record of success.

Target Pest Control doesn’t use broad-acting toxins that kill desirable animals and pose a danger to your family and pets! Our pest control professionals are experts in the behavior patterns of ants and other pest insects, so we’ll target your pests in a precise, effective manner.

We’ll effectively target the entire ant colony, the queen and their underground home. Our team will destroy established ant paths, while also identifying attractants, such as sweets and other food sources that can serve to make your home or yard attractive to these pests. So we’ll help you to avoid future re-infestations as well!

Call Target Pest Control today! Don’t let pests pose a danger to your family, children and pets. Our experienced pest control team will tend to your ant control problem in Halifax, Nova Scotia and beyond!

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