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Ant Control in Halifax

Ant control can be a huge problem throughout Halifax Regional Municipality and all of Nova Scotia. There are about 700 different ant species worldwide, but about 25 species can infest homes and yards.

Halifax ants aren’t just unsightly and unpleasant to deal with; they can also cause an array of other very serious problems. Fire ants in Halifax can deliver painful stings that can lead to infection and dangerous allergic reactions. Halifax carpenter ants can literally dis-assemble your house as they work to build theirs! Halifax pharaoh ants pose a problem for many multi-unit buildings or apartments in Nova Scotia.  They can travel from unit to unit along the plumbing and electrical wires, and if not well controlled, they will spread through the entire complex. Halifax pavement ants can cause wanted dirt to be brought into your house and walls, while odorous Halifax house ants will leave a foul odor when crushed.

Prevention and Control of Halifax Ants

  • Keep floors, walls, etc. free of debris, especially sweets, as they are a major source of attraction for ants.
  • It is critical to maintain your home or structure so that the ants from under the foundations cannot enter (seal cracks, repair tiles in disrepair, etc.).
  • It is convenient to go around all facilities with insecticides to reduce the possibility of shelter and procreation of crawling insects.

We Are the Leaders in Halifax Ant Control

Target Pest Control doesn’t use broad-acting toxins that kill desirable animals and pose a danger to your family and pets! Our ant control professionals are experts in the behavior patterns of ants and other pest insects, so we’ll target your pests in a precise, effective manner.

We’ll effectively target the entire ant colony, the queen and their underground home. Our team will destroy established ant paths, while also identifying attractants, such as sweets and other food sources that can serve to make your home or yard attractive to these pests. So we’ll help you to avoid future re-infestations as well!  You can trust us for your ant control needs.

Call Target Pest Control today! Don’t let ants pose a danger to your family, children and pets. Our experienced pest control team will tend to your ant control problem in Halifax, Nova Scotia and beyond!

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