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Halifax Rodents

Do You Have a Halifax Rodents Control Problem?

The team at Target Pest Control is here to assist with all of your rodent control problems in Halifax, Nova Scotia and the surrounding region. Our Halifax rodents control experts understand the way in which rats, mice, raccoons, and other rodents live; we also understand why they take up residence in certain locations. They seek warm, secure locations with easy access to food and water.

Halifax Rats Infestations

Rats have an amazing ability to adapt and their habitat is divided between the field in warm periods and houses in cooler periods. In buildings, they often nest in places where they find materials to make their burrows and has nearby food.  Rats reproduce in large litters, when conditions are favorable, throughout the whole year. They are omnivorous but prefer cereals and cereal products. If there is a lack of typical food sources, rats can consume items such as  wax, putty, and other materials. They can spoil large quantities of food through infestation and cause even more damage with the urine and droppings they leave behind in their wake.

Tips to Avoid Halifax Rodents

Rodents often find their ways into your home through holes or cracks of more than 7 mm. If these are found, you can fix the problem by covering them with resistant materials or mesh. Pay attention to ventilation and accesses sealed with wire mesh in case of failure. Rodents can climb rough walls so it would be desirable to impede access by putting in a metal strip that is slippery or hard, with smooth paint. If you have vines attached to your house, cut them. Vines allow rodents access to inside the house. Within the house, try not to leave food or garbage in the open.

Treatments for Halifax Rat Infestations

The treatment of this type of pest is usually in most cases a small strategic battle in which the movement and traces left by rodents is very important. These are tracked to know the reasons for the infestation, what steps to take, and to know the size of the infested area. It is not enough to remove the infestation with chemicals or traps, but also to take measures for possible reinfestation through use of proper hygiene, physical barriers etc. The management of rodenticides can be dangerous so it is important that this is handled by a rodent control expert such as Target Pest Control.

The Leaders in Halifax Rodents Control

We don’t just help eliminate your rodent control control issue. We help clients take the measures necessary to ensure they don’t return, with recommendations such as sealing holes or spaces that these unwanted invaders enter your home.

We also recommend eliminating food and water sources, by ensuring proper disposal of trash and available food sources.
At Target Pest Control, we provide professional pest control services to residential and commercial clients in Halifax, Nova Scotia and beyond. Don’t live with rats and rodents in your home or business. Call our team for rapid response pest control services!

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