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Halifax Spiders

Halifax Spiders Reproduction

The male spider weaves a small canvas before searching for female spiders.  When he finds one, he then impregnates her.  The eggs are then laid in small capsules or bags.  Depending on the species of Halifax spider, there may be from 2 to 1000 eggs per capsule.

Halifax Spiders Habits

Most spiders spin webs to catch their prey.  Some others hunt their prey, like the Wolf Spider.  These spiders are often able to jump very far. These spiders kill its victim with venom and then devour it.

Spiders often hide near light sources because other insects are attracted there. We find Halifax spiders in almost all environments, even houses.

Halifax Spiders Prevention

Sometimes vents and fitting windows with screens can help, but spiders can enter through a number of openings in the structure. They are not easy to get rid of and sometimes a surface treatment may be necessary. Stopping a spider infestation involves breaking their reproductive cycle to control their population. Additional treatments may be required depending on the home environment and the weather.

Surface treatments must be made ​​by experts so they meet government standards and Municipal regulations.

Call Target Pest Control For Your Spiders Halifax

We’re experts in spider behavior. For instance, many spiders only come out at night. Some build traditional spider webs out in the open; others do not. Some spiders even build a web at dusk and it’s disassembled each day before dawn breaks! Others prefer to hide in cozy, dark, dry locations, such as the corner of your shed, your basement, garage, your closet or even your shoe! We use our knowledge and experience in spider control to root out the pests in your home or business and we’ll work hard to ensure they don’t come back!
Don’t let spiders place you in fear while inside your own home!

Call Target Pest Control today for help with all of your spider pest control needs.

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