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Your bathroom: The overlooked gateway for pests

February 17, 2019

Frequently, homeowners make the mistake of overlooking the bathroom when trying to pest-proof their homes. This is a big mistake – especially when it comes to ants in Nova Scotia!

The reality is, for many ant species, your bathroom is the perfect gateway for entry into the home. Making matters more complicated, the bathroom is one of the most difficult places to dislodge an ant population from once they’ve set up shop!

That’s because many ant populations are attracted to moisture and wetness – which we all know are common in the bathroom! That’s why it’s important to always clean up standing water and never leave it to rest on the floor or countertops.

The bathroom also provides ants and other insects with  easy points of entry – drain pipes and cracks in caulking.

Because removing ants from the bathroom can be quite a challenge, we recommend you reach out to a licensed pest control technician for help right away. However, home-made or over-the-counter ant baits may work. Before trying any remedy, it’s important to do your research first. There are lots of helpful websites (like this one!) where you’ll find good ideas.

Once the ants have been removed (either by yourself or by a licensed technician), there are a few steps you should take to ensure the problem doesn’t return.

1. Maybe sure all drainage areas are functioning properly.

By preventing a moisture build-up, you’re making your drain pipes far less attractive for ant populations.

2. Replace cracked or broken bathroom tiles.

By addressing flooring issues head on, you’ll create another important barrier to entry. Once ants are in your bathroom, it’s hard to get them out. That’s why it’s important to limit opportunities for them to invade your space.

3. Always clean up still water.

Puddles from the sink or shower are like a welcome mat for ants. Many ant populations in Nova Scotia are attracted to moisture, and that makes the bathroom prime real estate.

Of course, when it comes to an ant infestation, every situation is unique. What works in one case may not work in another. That’s why it’s highly recommended you discuss your own problem with a licensed pest control technician, like the ones at Target Pest Control in Halifax!

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