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Pests can create a lot of fear for Halifax homeowners and tenants. Many turn to the internet for answers. However, like all things, the internet can be misleading if the reader lacks the technical expertise to deal with the pests at hand. Target Pest Control of Halifax Nova Scotia, wanted to take this opportunity to discuss the top 2 myths that their expert technicians hear most often:

1. Chemicals available to homeowners and tenants kill bedbugs

Many tenants and homeowners believe they can solve the problem of bedbugs using chemicals available over the counter. However, research and experience dictates that these sprays actually spread bedbugs as they require direct contact by these products to be effective. Most cases, bedbugs will move to other areas and continue to reproduce. This create a false sense of security that can be eliminated by calling professionals at Target Pest Control.

2. Placing foam in interior walls will prevent rodent infestation

A common practice by Halifax tenants and homeowners is place foam in interior walls of their home to prevent rat and mice activity. While this is effective for outside walls, the rodents will use the foam in interior walls for nesting material. They will also chew out other places. The best practice is to ensure the elimination of the rodents without forcing them into other areas of the residence.