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Through Target Pest Control’s bed bug Halifax experiences, we hear time and time again that bed bugs jump, hop, or fly.  This is a myth! Bed Bugs DO NOT hop, skip, or jump, and they definitely don’t fly. Bed bugs are very good at traveling in different ways. They can be very fast crawlers and hide unexpected places.

Halifax bed bugs can survive a long time waiting for someone or something to come along so they can hitch a ride and move to their next infestation.  Because they can travel this way over long distances, and are such good survivors, people think that they can fly or hop.  It is actually their ability to use other humans and objects to move around and infest new locations.  You might even be responsible for spreading bed bugs around your area and even Halifax without knowing it.

If you suspect a Halifax bed bugs infestation, call Target Pest Control immediately for a consultation at 902-817-9200.