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Halifax Carpenter Ants Can Be Trouble!

Halifax carpenter ants are a hidden threat that arrive early. Target Pest is taking early action to eliminate these structurally damaging pests. Carpenter ants build nests inside wood by chewing out paths and tunnels with their mandibles, preferably in dead, damp wood.  However, they do not actually eat the wood, like termites would.  Tunneling through wooden areas of your home can create a great safety risk to you and your family as the tunnels greatly affect the structural integrity of important load-bearing areas and can result in collapses and weakened structures.  It is important to immediately call a professional to check a suspected carpenter ant infestation.

The difference between Target’s signature treatment and conventional treatment lies in the fact that we understand how to treat carpenter ants in the walls using the proven and successful methods.  Target Pest Control has thorough experience in eliminating all sorts of pests, including the incredibly troublesome carpenter ant.  With service areas spanning throughout Halifax and beyond, Target Pest Control has been keeping Nova Scotia safe for years.

Halifax Carpenter Ants Photo

The Steps We Take

Our customers can rely on our iron warranty because technicians know the importance of long term relationships.  We treat every case for businesses and homes with the utmost care, respect, and confidentiality.  When you call Target Pest Control, we work to resolve your situation as fast as possible. We will ensure your carpenter ants problem (and any other ant problem!) will be a thing of the past.