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There several facts that you should know when dealing with bed bugs:

1. Throwing out furniture will not get rid of bed bugs

2. Buying bed bug covers does not get rid of bed bugs

3. Raid and domestic sprays will not solve your bed bug problems

The reason throwing out furniture will not get rid of bed bugs is because bed bugs have multiple locations, often not only furniture. Our experts have found bed bugs in the curtains, in the baseboards and other parts of your home or apartment that not just furniture related. Bed bugs spread and therefore, one or two pieces of furniture being discarded will only cost you money and frustration. Bed bugs can travel great distances and can often be found in other places well beyond your bed. 

The reason bed bug covers are ineffective protection from bed bugs is because they only deal with the boxspring and mattress. Again, bed bugs are frequently in multiple locations. If you are going to use bed bug covers, they should be applied after the second treatment by a professional pest control technician. The box spring and mattress should be properly treated and vacuumed prior to putting on bed bug covers. It is more important to eliminate the bed bugs prior to encapsulation with covers because if you rip the cover, your infestation will begin again. Remember, bed bugs can live approximately a year without a blood meal.

Raid and domestic sprays are great contact killers but it is often difficult to find the eggs and all the bed bugs. In most cases domestic sprays cause the infestation to spread. The sprays while lethal are also an irritant to the bed bugs that are not directly killed causing them to spread.